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Over Singapore is a book published by Editions Didier Millet (EDM). Singapore: small tropical island and dynamic city, where some of Asia’s tallest buildings tower over modest quayside shophouses. Few landscapes, coastlines or city skylines have been transformed as rapidly as those of Singapore. Seen from the air, the island is revealed as a spectacular landscape of intricate patterns, rich textures and diverse colours. Stunning images show the true and unexpected variety of this city-state, providing a fresh perspective from which to view its landmarks and to explore the less-well-known sights of its industry, agriculture and outlying islands. In Over Singapore, award-winning Singaporean photographer Richard W J Koh showcases the dynamism of this ever-changing nation. His photographs are complemented by the insightful text and captions of diplomat and international lawyer Professor Tommy Koh who provides a revealing historical introduction to the book and an insider’s guide to the north, south, east and west of the country.

Photographer’s Statement
Views from above fascinate me. This fascination has led me to photograph from various aircraft such as hot air balloons, helicopters and airplanes. Over Singapore is probably the most extensive aerial photography book project in the history of Singapore and a milestone in my photography career. With Singapore in constant rapid transformation, it was timely to record in images views from above, 50 years after independence, for posterity. Being a small island, Singapore has a very busy air space which, as such, is tightly controlled. Coupled with transboundary haze during half the year (especially in 2013 and 2014) and monsoon rains in the other half of the year, this makes aerial photography here extremely challenging.

The photos featured in this exhibition and book of the same title were taken from both civilian and military helicopters. While in the air, I look for patterns and angles which are uncanny and which often resemble something else. Singapore, an island state merely 50 km in length, has a surprising range of landscape from rural to urban, historical to modern. Although the concentration of iconic buildings are, as expected, in the city, I find the views of outlying areas more intriguing and often poetic.

This has been a fantastic harvest of images and a great personal journey. One wise saying I heard from a Catholic monk says: "Sometimes you get a better view of your own house from your neighbour's house." Flying over Singapore, I got a view of this land beyond imagination. May these photos from above bring us to a higher awareness and lead us to a deeper reflection of what this country is to us and to the world.

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